Don’t ignore the research: benchmark data from a survey of more than 300 diverse global firms indicates that while there is no one model for “great Procurement,” there are clear actionable steps that you can take today that will get you closer to your ideal procurement state.

Fundamentally, the question is: How do we create more value?

The new Benchmark Report by WNS and CIPS, Performance Procurement – How do you create more value? shows that Total Business Alignment is the one indisputable predictor of procurement performance. The research highlights common strategies that many high-performing procurement organisations apply to dramatically increase business alignment and maximize the value creation.

Download a copy of the report to learn more:

  • What is Total Business Alignment and why is it important for procurement?
  • What are the universal building blocks of high-performing teams?
  • How do we track and measure best-in-class performance?
  • How do high-performing organizations prioritize their efforts and investments?
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